Hello Again, World

I have never seen such stillness
as when the match trembled in your hand.

—Johnathon Williams, “Morning Fire”

Welcome to my new and improved website. My thanks to web designer extraordinaire Johnathon Williams for putting it together. Johnathon is also a terrific poet—you should check out his fine first book, The Road to Happiness, about which Katrina Vandenberg says: “These poems are to Arkansas what Robert Frost’s poems are to New England: they are poems deeply rooted in a physical place, with copperheads, locust shells, and blackberries; kilns, pork rinds, and Walmart, too; and they are spoken by a colloquial voice that calls mud wasps ‘dirt daubers,’ refers to the mentally challenged as ‘retards,’ and commands dogs to ‘turn loose’ when their jaws lock on something they shouldn’t. Like Frost, Williams explores a primal darkness and isolation.”

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