Helen Chazan on Social Fiction at TCJ

Somehow in all the chaos I missed Helen Chazan’s terrific review of Chantal Montellier’s Social Fiction, from back in August. Great stuff. Here is her eloquent conclusion:

“For any reader coming to this comic at this time, months into into a rash of climate-induced forest fires that have taught us to check the air quality like the weather while new legal restrictions on gender expression and sexual bodily autonomy roll in and out haphazardly like storm clouds, one can be forgiven for feeling on some gut level that this collection of graphic novellas saw into our own future. However, Montellier is no prophet, but rather a feminist and an anti-fascist. Her dystopias of the ’70s and early ’80s address political, social and technological conditions which follow from patriarchy. Her alternate futures are real because they flow from our present, and her insights remain relevant and profound.”

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