Social Fiction on 4 more best-of-year lists

More great coverage of my translation of Chantal Montellier’s great trilogy over at The Comics Journal in “The Best of 2023, as Decreed by Our Contributors.” Clark Burscough writes “There’s anger in Social Fiction too, but it’s tinged with a wry sadness that is contextualized in an interview in the backmatter.” Chris Mautner singles out one of the volume’s three novellas for special praise: “I enjoyed all the comics in NYRC’s Social Fiction, but [“So Fast In Their Shiny Metal Cars”] in particular, about a used car dealership that’s unlike any used car dealership you’ve ever seen before, really stuck with me. A great critique of consumerism, racism, classism and who-knows-what-else-ism that retains the power to shock decades since its inception.” Hagai Palevsky praised “the nigh-Ballardian dilapidated landscapes of Social Fiction, at once sweeping and particular,” and Katie Skelly had it her top three titles of the year.

I’m grateful for all the love TNJ has shown Montellier in the past year, starting back in July with editor Joe McCulloch’s terrific piece followed soon after by Helen Chazan’s beautifully written review (which I somehow missed at the time). What a great site for comics coverage.

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