2 Poems in the New Issue of 32 Poems

The new issue of 32 Poems Magazine contains a bunch of fine poems by some of my favorite poets. Founded by two of my grad school pals from Florida, John Poch and Deb Ager, it has been one of my favorite journals for more than a decade, and its current editor, George David Clark, is doing a terrific job.

In addition to two poems by yours truly (“A Hike in the Headlands” and “About Opera”), the issue includes poems by Amy Beeder, Brian Brodeur, Joseph Chapman, Gregory Donovan, Brendan Galvin, Henrietta Goodman, Andrew Grace, Rebecca Hazelton, Vandana Khanna, Hailey Leithauser, Alessandra Lynch, Debra Nystrom, Allan Peterson, Carol Quinn, Nancy Reddy, Alan Shapiro, Callie Siskel, Catherine Staples, Kevin Thomason, Christian Wiman, and Jordan Windholz.

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