Broadsided Press anthology now out

For fifteen years Broadsided Press has been fostering unique collaborations between poets and artists in an effort to encourage the free dissemination of poetry in public places. I’m happy to have a poem (the cover poem, no less!) in this lovely anthology that gathers work from their first decade and a half. My thanks to editors Elizabeth Bradfield, Alexandra Teague, and Miller Oberman.


An anthology that celebrates the power and synergy of poetry and art in public spaces, “Broadsided Press: Fifteen Years of Poetic and Artistic Collaboration” will inspire writers, artists, and all who seek ways to bring poetry and art to their communities. Featuring work by Jericho Brown, Douglas Culhane, Jill Ozier, Danez Smith, Joan Naviyuk Kane, Millian Gian Pham, Ilya Kaminsky, and more. Fifty broadsides, fifty conversations about the nature of collaboration, and inspiring photos of words and art posted on streets and byways around the globe. 

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